Where are we now

We left the EU on 31-Jan-2020 and subsequently left the Single Market and Customs Union on 31-Dec-2020

Late in December 2020 a trade deal was agreed between the UK and the EU, and many new rules apply to things like travel and doing business with Europe.

Some guidance on routine issues is available from the Government website at www.gov.uk/transition-check

Where do we want to be

Canterbury for Europe is a local grassroots group. We believe that the EU has enriched our lives, leaving has deprived us of our rights and freedoms as European citizens.

We endorse the values and vision of the European Union (EU) which benefits all its citizens.

We are therefore committed to re-joining the European Union at the earliest opportunity

How do we get there

We will challenge changes in UK legislation or practice which undermine rights, standards and freedoms which have been achieved through membership of the European Union.

We will run awareness campaigns to raise awareness and generate pressure on Westminster politicians.

These campaigns may take any or all forms of:

  • Social Media, Website etc
  • Street Stalls
  • Leafleting
  • Advertising
  • Rallies and Marches
  • Affiliation to appropriate bodies
  • Within political parties as members, as speakers, as honest brokers (hustings etc)
  • Others yet to be identified

We recognise our local nature and impact. We will therefore work with other appropriate National Groups eg European Movement (UK)

To achieve our aims we must have an informed and sympathetic electorate. The promises of Brexit will unravel to be the tissue of lies that they were.

Until this has happened it is unlikely we will get a lot of traction. We must wait for the appropriate moment to be very public with our campaigns.

Launching too early could generate public distrust and cause us to be cast as the ‘Remoaners that made it fail‘. This will largely be a judgement call, but will be obvious to activists when it occurs.

As leader of the Labour Party Keir Starmer has already indicated that Rejoin will not form part of the manifesto for the 2024 General Election.

Depending on the fallout of Brexit we either need to work hard to challenge that, or accept that Rejoin may take two or more General Election cycles.

This has an implication for the target demographics that we need to attract into the movement, and to lead it. Historically Canterbury for Europe has supported Young Europeans at the local universities, and we must continue to do this.

Measuring success

It is possible that we may Rejoin through stages, achieving some step successes along the way.

Each one of these must be recorded and celebrated as a milestone passed on our journey to full Rejoin.