To fulfil our mission, we will:

  • Engage with MPs and others to press for parliament to adopt a re-join policy
  • Work with local branches of national parties
  • Run street stalls to spread our message and recruit members
  • Affiliate to other groups that will help us achieve our mission
  • Participate in events such as hustings and public meetings
  • Attend and organise marches, rallies, etc. to create awareness of our group and its objectives
  • Support other pro-EU groups
  • Undertake other activities consistent with our core mission of re-joining the EU
  • Provide information about best practice and developments in the European Union which benefit the environment, health, education, social and economic development
  • Identify and respond to the damaging consequences of Brexit
  • Campaign for a more open, tolerant and democratic society
  • Work with organisations and campaigns which share our objectives
  • Raise and spend funds to facilitate our activities

We are party neutral and welcome people with or without party affiliation who share our objectives