There will be a general election on Thursday 12th December

It is vital that we have as many people as possible registered to vote to support our campaign. If people are eligible to vote, they can register in more than one constituency. However, they must only vote once in each election.

The eligibility criteria to be able to vote in a general election is:

  • Be 18 or over on the day of the election
  • Be a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen
  • Be resident at an address in the UK
  • Not be legally excluded from voting
  • Be on the Electoral Register

People can register to vote online or visiting your local Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) at Canterbury City Council. You’ll be asked for your National Insurance number (but you can still register if you do not have one).

As well as targeting students, it is also important to encourage people who may have forgotten to register to vote to do so.

If you know people have moved house since the summer, ask them if they have registered to vote.

Do you have new build housing developments near you where people have started to move in? It is worth checking if they have registered to vote.

The deadline for Voter Registration is 26th November.