April 2020

It’s not over until it’s over

Technically we left the EU on 31st January. We are now in the transition period. The period during which we are supposed to strike a future trade deal with the EU.

Except not much is happening. It always looked like this Government weren’t serious about a trade deal. It seems they would actually like to crash out without one.

The paralysis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic should be a wake-up call for Johnson’s cabinet. Instead they are sleepwalking towards disaster.

We have until the end of June to ask for a extension to the transition period, but this Government have stated they won’t ask for one. Which means we have until December to finalise a future deal. There is just not enough time.

What can be done?

Now is the time to write to your MP and remind them that:

  • Brexit will bring a shock to the economy
  • Crashing out with no-deal will compound that shock and cause unnecessary harm
  • Covid-19 brings its own harm to the economy and way of life and layers harm upon harm
  • Note the failure of HM Government to participate in EU Procurement initiative and urge participation in future initiatives that could alleviate the effects of the pandemic on the UK

If your MP is Conservative (in Kent very likely) ask them to put pressure directy on Johnson and the cabinet. If your MP is Rosie Duffield (Canterbury) even though she is sympathetic she still needs to hear from you. This will help her and Keir Starmer to demonstrate the will of the public.

Send them letters rather than email, they will take more notice of it. You can get your MP’s address from the Government website here

Don’t forget to write to the press and use social media too.

Want to do more?

If you have ideas for campaigning, send threm to mainstay@ct4eu.org

We are still meeting monthly by video call. If you want to join, let us know also by dropping a line to mainstay@ct4eu.org