Canterbury for Europe supports the People’s Vote campaign

We’re going to march for the People’s Vote on June 23rd Parliament Square. Join us!

We have by group decision decided to travel to the event by train. Obviously everybody is free to travel as they wish, but if you want to travel as part of a group we suggest these trains. We plan to place stewards at departing stations for 30 minutes prior to departure.  Please get in touch if you can help with this at any of the stations listed.


Margate to London Victoria via Faversham Margate to London via Ashford
Herne Bay 09:20 Margate 08:53
Whitstable 09:27 Canterbury West 09:25
Faversham 09:37 Ashford International 09:43

About the day

Canterbury for Europe will meet behind Green Park tube station from 11:00. It’s where we met in March 2017. We’ll assemble for a team photograph before joining the main group.

We are encouraged to take homemade placards and banners.

We would like to leaflet the railway stations about a week before the march, on a working day (or days).  Many commuters travelling to London will be directly affected by Brexit and so may be sympathetic. If you can help with this, please get in touch at:

We have posters available to display at key locations. If you can help with posting these, again, please get in touch. Universities will be our key focus areas.

About the campaign

You wouldn’t sign a bill without checking it first, so why should the Brexit deal be any different?

The People’s Vote campaign seeks to ensure that the government’s Brexit deal is put before the country in a public vote so that we can decide if a decision that will affect our lives for generations makes the country better or worse off.

Good deal or bad deal, it’s definitely a big deal – and that’s why it should be put to a People’s Vote.

The People’s Vote is supported by the following groups: