HMG Planning Assumptions

The Government has been forced to publish what it now calls its ‘Reasonable Worst Case Planning Assumptions’ for a No Deal Exit from the European Union. The document can be found at the Government website here or downloadable from the button below.

Impact on Canterbury residents

You need to read the document to fully understand the impact. Below is a summary of the main impacts on residents of Canterbury and East Kent.

Remember, current Day One No Deal Exit (D1NDE) is 31st October 2019, so be prepared for a Happy Christmas!

Traffic chaos across Kent

The Government say that 85% of HGV’s will not be ready for customs checks on Day One No Deal (D1ND). They go on to say that this will lead to between 1.5 and 2.5 days delays to HGV’s crossing the channel. Scientific analysis has shown that a two minute delay will lead to 17 mile tailbacks on major trunk routes through Kent. Two and a half days of delay could easily mean congestion and blockage of the Dartford Tunnel.This will have knock-on impact of fuel delivery and potential (if temporary) shortages.

Passenger delays / immigration checks

Because we will be operating as a ‘Third Country’ we’ll need to implement appropriate immigration checks at points of entry into and out of the UK. The EU will be doing the same. This is going to lead to queues and delays at all of these local to us in East Kent:

St Pancras
All Airports

Plus don’t forget you’ve got to get to these places before you can queue! With all the traffic chaos and delays you’ll need a lot of extra time to reach your destination.

Medicine and medical supplies shortages

The reliance of medicines and medical products’ supply chains on the channel crossings make them particularly vulnerable to severe extended delays. Three quarters (75%) of medicines come into UK through this route.

Reduced fresh food supply and choice

We have become accustomed to what used to be referred to as ‘out of season’ fresh food. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries in December. With exporting difficulties these may shift from being everyday items in the grocery basket to being a sought after and expensive luxury item. Difficulty and short supply will inevitable lead to increased prices.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Personal data flow from EU

Personal data flow from the EU won’t be resolved (settled) for years. This may not deem like a big deal. However, it’s really bad news if you rely on a helpdesk or call centre that is run from EU countries. Or even if your insurance company stores your data in a lower cost location. You may not know this yet, but pretty sure you’ll find out very soon after exit with no deal.

Access to Healthcare in EU countries

Access to Healthcare will be different in each Member State. Currently the UK has reciprocal arrangements with EU countries so that EU citizens can benefit from necessary healthcare between Member States. This is through the European Health Insurance Card or EHIC.

Exit without a deal will mean individuals will need to make their own provision for healthcare. The big question is: can they afford this new expense or will they even be offered private health insurance cover?

Civil unrest

The police force and community services are already pared to the bone. Does the Government really believe it to be acceptable to implement policies they calculate will cause civil unrest?

Yes, the Government have announced 20,000 new police officers. Reality is that this will reinstate the force back to what it was pre-austerity.

Low income groups worst affected

The Government’s own paper reveals that low income groups will be the worst affected. All the people in society already most affected by years of austerity are about to have it made worse, by Her Majesty’s Government. A planned, cynical and exploitative approach.