We oppose Brexit and believe it can and should be stopped, as do many other organisations around the UK.

Please note, we do not subscribe to all of the views of the groups listed below but they are included to represent a range of pro-European opinion in the UK.

  • European Movement UK.
    We are affiliated to the East Kent European Movement, an all-party movement opposing Brexit and campaigning for Britain to play a full role within the EU.
  • Britain For Europe
    An alliance of local, regional and national networks, all sharing the goal of keeping the UK in the EU.
  • Pulse of Europe
    Pulse of Europe is an EU citizens’ initiative aimed at promoting the values of the EU and the importance of European integration.
  • Open Britain
    A cross-party initiative born out of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, now campaigning against a hard, destructive Brexit.
  • Liberal Democrats
    The Liberal Democrats oppose Brexit and believe that the British people should have a say on the final deal negotiated by the UK and EU.
  • Labour Movement For Europe
    The LME campaigns for the UK to remain at the heart of the EU.
  • The Green Party
    The Green Party accepts the result of the referendum, but reject the extreme Brexit pursued by the Government.
  • Conservative Group for Europe
    The Conservative Group For Europe ‘regrets the outcome of the recent referendum’ and campaigns for Britain to have the closest practicable economic and political relationship with the European Union.