Name Area
Pat  St Stephens
Leycroft Close
Stevenson Road
Shaftesbury Road
Beaconsfield Road including 7 blocks of flats
St. Michael’s Road
Salisbury Road and side streets
Kristina Barton Road Estate
Sally  Burgate
Cathedral Precincts
Sarah  Norman Road
South Canterbury Road
Ethelbert Road
Adjoining roads
Jonathan &
St Dunstan’s
London Road
New Street
Cross Street
Orchard Street
St Dunstan’s Terrace
Queens Avenue
Princes Way
Crown Gardens
Sue H Cromwell Road
Winchester Gardens
Lesley Avenue
Sue L North Holmes Road
St Martin’s Ave
St Martin’s Close
Pretoria Road
Havelock Street
Planned: Other roads off North Holmes Road
Jonathan St Radigunds Street
Duck Lane
Broad Street
Albion Place
Pound Lane
St Peters Lane
Westgate Hall Road
Knott’s Lane
Blackfriars Street
King Street
Best Lane
Abbott’s Place
Edgar Road
College Road
Ruth Wincheap
Martyr’s Field Road South Side
Oxford Road
Heaton Road
Norfolk Road
Lancaster Road
Ingoldsby Road
St Nicholas Road
Godwin Road
Alfred Road
Alfred Close
Ian &
Elliott College notice boards
Rutherford College notice boards
Keynes College notice boards
Barbara Fordwich
Blank Blank