People’s Vote – Let Us Be Heard

The Brexit Crisis

The Leave campaign promised us an easy and painless deal. They promised ‘exact same terms’ as we currently enjoy. Plus they promised to spend £350m per week on the NHS. Of course people voted for it, they were promised a bag of goodies for less outlay. The Leave campaign lied and committed electoral fraud to secure an undemocratic victory.

The lies are unraveling. We now hear talk of ‘we’ll manage’ the food and medicine shortages. Of border delays and long motorway tailbacks. Crashing out without a deal would set back the peace process on the island of Ireland.

It’s clear the Brexit crisis cannot be settled by the new Prime Minister or a deadlocked Parliament.

It can only be settled by us, the people.

March with us to demand our right to have the final say on Brexit.

Join us on 19-October

Suggested Meeting points and train times.

Herne Bay09:20
Canterbury West10:25
Ashford International10:43
Green Park Diana Fountain12:00

Canterbury for Europe (CT4EU) will have stewards at the railway stations. If you’ve never done this before or are travelling alone you can be part of the team right away. It would be good to know who to look out for. So please complete the form towards the bottom of this page. Don’t forget to mention which station you are travelling from.

Be part of it

The march is expected to be the largest public demonstration ever held in the UK! Be part of it!

The march route – starting 12:00 Park Lane

Download a window poster!

Let us know you’re coming

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